Conservation of the Last Judgment Mosaic, St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

Edited by Francesca Piqué and
Dusan Stulik; 2005

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Illustrated in color throughout, this handsome volume presents selected papers from an international symposium held in June 2001 marking the completion of a ten-year project to conserve the Last Judgment mosaic, at St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. The project was a partnership between the Office of the President of the Czech Republic, the Prague Castle Administration, and the Getty Conservation Institute. The goal of the symposium was to present the methodology, research, and results of the project, which involved conserving one of the finest examples of monumental medieval mosaic art in Europe.

The volume's essays are divided into three parts, which cover the historical and art-historical context, conservation planning and methodology, and project implementation and maintenance. Topics addressed include the history, iconography, and visual documentation of the mosaic; the development and application of surface cleaning and protective coating techniques for the mosaic's glass tesserae; and post-treatment monitoring and maintenance.

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Piqué, Francesca, and Dusan Stulik, eds. 2005. Conservation of the Last Judgment Mosaic, St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague. Los Angeles: Getty Conservation Institute.