The stipend, dates, conditions and benefits related to your Scholarship/Fellowship are those listed in your Agreement Letter. The Getty may unilaterally terminate this agreement at any time.

The first installment of your grant will be paid on the first day of your arrival. After that, your grant payments will be issued in bi-weekly checks (every other Friday).

Click here for a complete list of payroll dates.

Please be aware that since your first paycheck will be issued earlier than normal, you will not receive a payment on the final scheduled payday during your residency.

Only under special circumstances will the Getty make payments to your U.S. based institution. Due to IRS regulations, the Getty will not make payments to non-U.S. institutions.

Past scholars have solved this matter by signing over their checks to their institution. To facilitate this task, the Getty, upon request, will pay you the grant in one, two, or three installments, depending on the length of your residency. You need to make sure that your institution can accept your checks because in the past some have not.

Special payment requests must be presented to OSIP at least two months before your arrival at the Getty.

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