The stipend amount is $47,500 for a 12-month internship plus $1,500 toward relocation expenses. Graduate Interns are free to use the relocation money as they see fit: it is not necessary to present receipts. In the event that you do not complete your internship, your stipend will be adjusted accordingly.

Based on the experience of past Graduate Interns, the total amount of the Getty grant has been sufficient to cover living expenses during the internship. However, based on your personal spending habits, you may want to consider supplementing the grant with personal funds.

To have a general idea of the cost of living in Los Angeles visit our web at:


Upon your arrival you will receive the $1,500 check toward relocation expenses.
The first installment of your grant will be paid at the end of the first internship week. After that, your grant payments will be issued in bi-weekly checks (every other Friday).

Please be aware that since your first paycheck will be issued earlier than normal, you will not receive a payment on the final scheduled payday during your residency.


If you choose to enroll in the health insurance plan offered at the Getty, the bi-weekly premium you will pay for health insurance will be deducted from each of your paychecks. The total amount of the deduction depends on whether you select dental coverage and on whether or not you cover dependents. For information on health insurance go to Getty Health insurance costs.

If you will come to the Getty with a J-1 visa your paycheck may, or may not, have a 14% tax deduction. For more information please visit J1 Visa and Taxes.

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