Professionals are considered to be the following invitees of The J. Paul Getty Trust:

Collaborative Researcher
Guest Researcher
Project Researcher
Based on the benefits that you will receive that are specified in your invitation letter, you will need to read some or all of the following links.

Examples of benefits you may receive:

Travel to Los Angeles
A Travel Visa for Foreign Exchange Visitors

Please click on the links above for more information.

Here are some links that you must read as well as specific important information if you will be a Foreign Exchange Visitor.

Use of Name or Image Policy

If a U.S. Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident—The Taxes Section

The Professional Questionnaire

Please click here to access the professional questionnaire which will aid OSIP in determining your status.

If you are an exchange visitor, please read the additional sections about obtaining a visa and the requirements therein.

  1. J-1, J-2 and B Visas
  2. Health Insurance Requirements within the Guidelines for J Visa Holders
  3. Exchange Visitor Taxes

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