In order to ease their housing search, some interns in the past have shared apartments with one another and also made an effort to communicate with other interns regarding housing needs prior to their arrival. A current graduate intern has volunteered to be your Housing Contact for next year.

You will also receive an invitation to join a Getty Housing Committee Facebook group page. Here, you'll find postings for housing availabilities as well as cars and other items for sale from current interns and Getty staff members. This forum is also an excellent place to get to know your future fellow graduate interns.

Interns will receive this contact information in May before the September internship.

For more information about apartments and hotels, please visit the Housing Section of the OSIP website.

Interns must secure a place to stay before the beginning of the internship.

Important Notes For those graduate interns who are in residence on a J-1 Visa:
Most landlords in the US request the US credit history and a Social Security Number (SSN) of the prospective tenants before renting them a unit. This creates a problem for foreign nationals because they usually do not have a credit history and SSN. One solution could be to share a place with a fellow intern from the US. If this is not an option, foreign nationals may rely on a personal conversation with the landlord in order to demonstrate that they will be reliable tenants who will have enough funds available to pay the rent and that they will provide the Social Security Number (or the ITIN, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) as soon as they have it.

You must complete the US government's AR-11 form if at anytime you change your address during your Getty residency. Please click here for more information as well as a downloadable PDF of the AR-11 form.

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