In this innovative reimagining of Sophocles's classic play by Los Angeles's Tony Award-winning Deaf West Theatre, King Oedipus is confronted not only with legacy and destiny, but also culture and language as he uncovers the multiple truths of his terrible fate.
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The Troubadour Theater Company presents a hilarious, musical retelling of Lysistrata, set to Liza Minnelli's greatest hits.
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The Heal
A bold new version of Sophocles's timeless tale of hurting—and healing co-produced by Maryland's Round House Theatre.
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Packed with striking scenes, frenzied emotion, and choral songs of great power and beauty, Bacchae endures as one of Euripides's greatest surviving works.
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Iphigenia in Aulis
As the Greek army lies stagnant on the silent shores of Aulis, King Agamemnon is faced with a harrowing decision. In return for the winds that would carry his army to victory over Troy, the goddess Artemis has demanded the impossible: the sacrifice of the king's own daughter, Iphigenia.
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Haunted House Party, A Roman Comedy
Haunted House Party is a hilarious Roman comedy based on Plautus's Mostellaria that would be right at home as a television sitcom premise today: When big daddy Theopropides is away, his son Philolaches will play!
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Mojada: A Medea in Los Angeles
Luis Alfaro's Mojada is a breathtaking reimagining of Euripides's Medea transported to East Los Angeles. Alfaro's gripping contemporary take on the ancient Greek myth tackles the complexities of family, tradition, culture, and the explosive moment when they all collide.
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In this sole surviving Greek tragedy about a historical event—the battle of Salamis in 480 BC—Aeschylus glorifies the Athenian victors but also humanizes the defeated Persians, emphasizing the universal impact of war on family and community.
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Prometheus Bound
The Titan Prometheus has stolen fire from Mount Olympus, giving rise to human civilization, and is doomed by Zeus to spend eternity chained to a mountaintop, where he rails against all the world's injustices.
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Euripides' Helen
In this lighthearted and rarely performed play, Euripides reimagines Helen of Troy in middle-age and transforms her into a comic heroine, fighting to reclaim her husband, her throne, and her eternal good name.
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Trojan Women (after Euripides)
In the ruins of their burning city, the royal women of Troy await enslavement and exile. Among the greatest of all antiwar dramas, the play is a timeless meditation on the moments of individual choice that separate death and life, despair and hope, future and past.
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Sophocles' Elektra
The world premiere of a newly commissioned translation by celebrated playwright Timberlake Wertenbaker of Sophocles' Elektra, which celebrates the human desire for justice and the costs exacted upon those who seek it.
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Aristophanes' Peace
The comic heroes of Culture Clash—the nation's most prominent Chicano-Latino performance troupe—and guest director Bill Rauch invoked the revolutionary spirit of Aristophanes in freely adapting his zany and visionary utopian escapade Peace.
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The victorious Agamemnon arrives home with his surviving troops after the bloody battle for Troy. As the drama unfolds, a returning soldier bears witness to unthinkable carnage, a city questions the wisdom of the decade-long war, and a family turns the violence of war in on itself.
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Tug of War
Based on the Roman comedy Rudens by Plautus, after a mighty storm wreaks havoc on a small coastal village, an old man searches for his lost daughter, two women of questionable reputation look for a better situation, and two impudent but resourceful slaves manage the whole affair.
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Award-winning playwright and theater director Stephen Sachs presented this thrilling new adaptation of Euripides' timeless drama from a new translation by noted poet and classicist Anne Carson.
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