A Hare in the Forest/Hoffmann

In English–language development (ELD) textbooks and activities, an illustration can serve to promote the development of new vocabulary, discussion, or writing. Using works of art is a natural fit for English–language acquisition, as works of art can be used for a variety of levels of English–language learners and in a variety of activities to introduce new vocabulary.

The materials in this curriculum are designed to be flexible and to work for a variety of ELD levels. Most of the lessons begin with identifying and developing new vocabulary, and then progress to discussion with students based on an idea about the image.

Two elementary-level lessons focus on learning new vocabulary and using descriptive words to discuss two paintings, and culminate in creating poems inspired by the paintings. Two secondary-level lessons incorporate oral and writing activities, followed by an art-making project inspired by the two works of art.

A "Background Information" sheet for each object is provided in each lesson and in the Image Bank. Also included with this curriculum is a "Thirty-Second Look" activity that can be used to generate new vocabulary through group discussion. All activities connect to English–language development, visual arts, and language arts content areas for students in the State of California.