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Past Webinar Video Series (2021–2022)
Building Student Visual Literacy for a Diverse, Image-Saturated World

In a time of heightened civil discourse around racial and social injustice, how can we use art and visual literacy skills to build students' understanding of others and a deeper appreciation of diversity? Images shape the ways we interpret our complex world. Strong visual literacy skills enable students to read and critically analyze images for meaning, to express themselves through words and images, to non-judgmentally listen and explore other people's points of view, and to understand and develop empathy for others who are different from themselves.

This series of webinars, geared toward K–12 teachers, will provide specific strategies for using artworks to build skills such as critical image analysis, interpretation of images, and supporting interpretations with research. We'll focus on the ways that art can help us understand others' perspectives and strengthen our ability to express our own, and examine how visual images can influence opinions, social norms, and cultural ideals.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: How to Read an Image
October 27, 2021 and November 10, 2021

The French painter Gustave Courbet once said, "art is knowledge made visible." So how can we help students to access the knowledge of images? In this webinar, we’ll walk through the process of analyzing a work of art (and most any image). We will introduce numerous lenses your students can use in their exploration, including: identifying and describing what you see; considering the intent of the creator; examining meaningful clues such as symbols or references; determining the context and history of an image; critically analyzing an image for meaning; and more. We'll also cover ways of incorporating these visual explorations into both Social Studies and English Language Arts curriculum standards.

How to Talk About Art: Leading a Student Dialogue that Supports Diversity Awareness
December 15, 2021 and January 26, 2022

How can teachers guide a conversation that helps students make meaning of a visual image? What are some strategies for supporting student exploration through dialogue, and how does this approach support students' ability to forge human connections with people different from themselves? We’ll share strategies for discussing a work of art that are easy to use.

I Don't Know, Let's Find Out!: Guiding Students to Research Art
February 9, 2022 and February 23, 2022

In today's image-saturated environment, the ability to research the meaning and intent of images is more important than ever. Art provides a versatile lens for exploring how to dissect an image through research. In this webinar, we’ll explore online tools that students can use to find out more about art. We’ll also look at different types of strategies for facilitating student research to uncover information, analyze, and draw conclusions about meaning, intent, history, and more. Finally, we’ll explore the ways that in-depth research can support students’ diversity awareness by learning more about others who are different from themselves.

Building Student Self-Expression through Images and Photography
March 16, 2022 and April 27, 2022

Images can be a great tool for inspiring students to express their ideas and opinions. We’ll explore how art can be used as a jumping-off point to strengthen students’ self-expression skills, discuss specific approaches to get the ball rolling and encourage depth and range of expression, and integrate these skills into your English Language Arts and Social Studies curricula. We will include teaching resources from the Getty Unshuttered photography program to help guide and build self-expression skills with your students.

Past Webinar Video Series (2020–2021)
Art + Teaching in the Time of Coronavirus

During this unprecedented time, the Getty Museum recognizes that K12 teachers are facing special opportunities and challenges in their work. To offer support, we are launching a free, monthly webinar series for K12 teachers across all subject areas, focusing on ways that the arts can inspire and engage students in both the virtual and in-person classroom. Each session will offer simple, creative strategies that you can use with your students right away.

Breaking the Zoom Wall: Arts-based Strategies for Building Student Community in the Remote Classroom
November 18, 2020

Loss of in-person classroom communities has been one of the most hard-hitting challenges for K12 students during the pandemic. During this webinar, we will share short, arts-based approaches for building a sense of community in the remote classroom, including games, communal art activities, and other creative approaches that require minimal materials for students schooling from home.

The Getty Art Challenge & the K12 Classroom
December 16, 2020

The Getty Art Challenge, in which participants re-created famous artworks with simple household materials, went viral on social media when the pandemic hit. The project inspired creativity from people of all ages and art experience levels, including teens and children who posed for portraits in homemade costumes or arranged fruit and toys to replicate a still life. In this webinar you'll learn student-friendly approaches for adapting this popular activity to address the K12 Social Studies and English Language Arts curriculum.

The Pandemic in Art
January 27, 2021

While most of us are experiencing a pandemic for the first time, plagues have long been part of the human experience. In this webinar, Getty curators will explore pandemics and plagues in history through the lens of works of art. Getty educators will then showcase simple, creative artmaking projects that students can do to express and document their personal experiences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Using the Arts to Nurture Mindfulness in the Classroom
February 17, 2021

Recognizing that students' worlds have been turned upside down in the last year, incorporating tools for emotional well-being into classroom activities is more important than ever. Mindfulness activities can help support student focus and attention and calm the nervous system, setting the stage for learning readiness. During this webinar you'll learn short, arts-based, mindfulness activities that can be done in both the virtual and in-person classroom in any subject area, not just during art class.

Easy DIY Virtual Museum Field Trips
March 24, 2021

Although museum field trips may not be possible in person this year, there are still ways to explore museums! In this webinar we'll share easy-to-use online tools and help you put together customized virtual museum field trips that support your core curriculum and engage students in out-of-the-box experiences. We'll also show you how to take advantage of digital tools to create experiences that wouldn't be possible at an in-person fieldtrip.

Get Up!: Using the Arts to Inspire Movement and Play
April 21, 2021

With remote and socially-distanced classroom spaces, student movement is more constrained than ever. We'll tackle this challenge by sharing arts-based activities that use movement and play to get students out of their chairs (or off their sofas, beds, floors,...) and energized – all while staying socially distant!

Intro to Youth-Focused Photography Resources
May 5, 2021

What will future generations see when they look at images of 2020–2021... life in a pandemic, an uprising, a country in healing and hopeful? Young people around the country have never been more inspired to pick up their cameras and phones and document the world around them. In this webinar, we will introduce Getty Unshuttered, a multi-faceted youth-focused educational resource that explores photographs as a medium for self-expression and understanding others. Unshuttered includes how-to-style videos on core photography skills, an app-based community for student photo sharing, and related lesson plans for educators. We'll share the many ways you can incorporate photographs into your classroom practices.

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