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ID: 901002203
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Record Type: Event/Narrative

Story of Rinaldo and Armida (Italian narrative)

Note: Story of best known from Torquato Tasso's "Jerusalem Delivered." Fictional story set in the First Crusade, when the sorceress Armida enters the Christian camp, seducing knights who then turn against each other. Armida finds the great Christian knight, Rinaldo, asleep; she abducts him in her chariot. Although she intends to kill him, instead she falls in love with him and he with her. Rinaldo sees his image in a mirror and realizes his weakness, then returns to the war, leaving Armida heartbroken. Armida raises an army to kill Rinaldo and the Christians, but they are defeated. Armida attempts to commit suicide, but Rinaldo prevents it; then he convinces her to convert to Christianity.

Story of Rinaldo and Armida (Italian narrative) (preferred,English-P,D)

Hierarchical Position:
Literature and Performing Arts (P)
....<Literary themes and narratives> (P)
........Story of Rinaldo and Armida (Italian narrative) (I)
Related Iconography:
actor is .... Rinaldo
..........(Literature and Performing Arts, Literary characters, Rinaldo (fictional knight, First Crusade)) [901002206]
related event is .... First Crusade
..........(Named Events, Middle Eastern history, Crusades (Middle Eastern-European history, 1095-1291), First Crusade (Middle Eastern-European history, 1095-1099 )) [901001480]
source is .... Gerusalemme liberata
..........(Literature and Performing Arts, Named written and performed works, Literary works: Poetry, Gerusalemme liberata (epic poem, Tasso, 1581)) [901002205]

Other Relationships:
role/characteristic is .... narrative (literary works)
.....(genres for literature, genres in literature and performing arts, concepts in the arts and humanities, Associated Concepts (hierarchy name)) (AAT)
topic is .... love (emotion)
.....(positive emotions, emotion, psychological concepts, social science concepts, Associated Concepts (hierarchy name)) (AAT)

Story of Rinaldo and Armida (Italian narrative)
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Iconography Record Sources:
................ Encyclopedia Britannica Online (2002-)
................ National Gallery of Art London [online] (2000-)

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