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Record Type: Event/Narrative

Treaty of Tordesillas (European-American history, 1494)

Note: The Treaty of Versailles was the agreement between Spain and Portugal regarding territory conflicts after the Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus claimed the New World alongside other explorers. Before the treaty, pope Alexander VI created a demarcation line: Spain had rights to newly discovered lands to the West of the line, while Portugal had rights to the East. The treaty altered the location of the demarcation line, which allowed Portugal to claim the coast of Brazil, discovered by Pedro $00Alvares Cabral. Pope Julius II sanctioned the treaty in 1506.

Display Date: 1494 June 7

Treaty of Tordesillas (European-American history, 1494) (preferred,English-P,D,N)

Hierarchical Position:
Named Events (P)
....<North and South American history> (P)
........Treaty of Tordesillas (European-American history, 1494) (I)
Other Relationships:
role/characteristic is .... treaty
.....(international agreements, agreements, legal instruments, legal documents, records by form or function, records (documents), documents by function, document genres, information forms (objects), Information Forms (hierarchy name), Visual and Verbal Communication (hierarchy name)) (AAT)
participant was .... Kingdom of Spain
.....(Europe) (TGN)
participant was .... Portugal
.....(Europe) (TGN)
affiliated/associated with .... Christopher Columbus (Spanish explorer and admiral, 1451-1506)
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
affiliated/associated with .... Julius II, Pope (Italian pope, patron, 1443-1513)
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)
affiliated/associated with .... Alexander VI, Pope (Spanish pope, 1431-1503)
.....(Non-Artists) (ULAN)

Treaty of Tordesillas (European-American history, 1494)
................Britannica Academic (2018-) "Treaty of Tordesillas," accessed 7 November 2018
Iconography Record Sources:
................ Britannica Academic (2018-)

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