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<Named exhibitions>

Note: Includes exhibitions that have proper names and where art and other works of cultural heritage were exhibited. The exhibition may be indexed as a generic event exhibition, with location and date applicable to the Work in the Location area of a Work record. The proper name of the exhibition should be linked in the Specific Subject area of the Work record. For exhibitions that recur, if the location and coverage of the exhibition is basically the same every year, do not necessarily make a separate entry for every year in which the exhibtion took place (e.g., International Art Exhibition (Venice, Italy)). On the other hand, if the exhibition occurs less frequently and is located in a different place each time, often with a different focus, you may create a separate record for each exhibition (e.g., French Industrial Exposition (Paris, 1844)). Recurring holidays and seasons are recorded in the AAT, not in the IA.

Named exhibitions (preferred,English,D)

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