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ID: 901000644
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Record Type: Event/Narrative

Pan and Syrinx (Greco-Roman narrative)

Note: As told by the Roman poet Ovid in the Metamorphoses, the lusty satyr Pan eagerly pursued the wood nymph Syrinx. Guarding her virtue, she ran until she reached a river and desperately begged her sisters of the stream to transform her. Just as Pan was about to embrace her, Syrinx changed into cattail reeds. When Pan discovered that he was holding nothing but marsh reeds, he sighed in disappointment, causing the wind to blow through the reeds. He was enchanted by the sound, believing it to be the mournful cry of his beloved Syrinx; from the reeds he fashioned a set of pipes so that he could have her with him always.

Pan and Syrinx (Greco-Roman narrative) (preferred,English-P,D,P)

Hierarchical Position:
Legend, Religion, Mythology (P)
....<Greek iconography> (P)
........<Greek narratives> (P)
............Pan and Syrinx (Greco-Roman narrative) (I)
Related Iconography:
actor is .... Syrinx
..........(Legend, Religion, Mythology, Greek iconography, Greek characters, Syrinx (Greek nymph)) [901000489]
actor is .... Pan
..........(Legend, Religion, Mythology, Greek iconography, Greek characters, Pan (Greek deity)) [901001072]

Other Relationships:
affiliated/associated with .... panpipes
.....(multiple flutes, flutes (aerophones), aerophones, sound devices by acoustical characteristics, sound devices (equipment), Sound Devices (hierarchy name), Furnishings and Equipment (hierarchy name)) (AAT)
role/characteristic is .... narrative (literary works)
.....(genres for literature, genres in literature and performing arts, concepts in the arts and humanities, Associated Concepts (hierarchy name)) (AAT)
culture/religion is .... Greco-Roman
.....(Ancient Italian, Mediterranean (Early Western World), Early Western World, styles, periods, and cultures by region, Styles and Periods (hierarchy name)) (AAT)

Pan and Syrinx (Greco-Roman narrative)
................J. Paul Getty Museum, collections online (2000-)
Iconography Record Sources:
................ J. Paul Getty Museum, collections online (2000-)

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