Head with Horns
The artist who made this sculpture, Paul Gauguin, was French, but he traveled quite a bit during his lifetime. He spent part of his childhood in Peru, then joined the French navy and traveled around the world.

As an adult, Gauguin spent many years on the tropical island of Tahiti. He moved there to lead a peaceful life and work on his art. The local culture and beautiful natural surroundings influenced his artwork.

He made this sculpture, titled Head With Horns, more than 100 years ago. In addition to making sculptures like this, Gauguin also created many paintings while living in Tahiti.

What does the sculpture look like to you? Maybe a head with horns makes you think of the devil or something dangerous or scary. Or perhaps you're reminded of bulls or rams or mythological creatures like fauns.

The horns may actually portray a popular hairstyle worn by young Tahitian men. They wore their long hair bunched up in knots on either side of the head as a sign of power.

This sculpture might be a self-portrait of Gauguin. It has some of his facial features mixed with the features of a Tahitian person. Maybe he added the horns to make himself seem more powerful.

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