Do you like to tell stories? Some stories are so good that people tell them again and again, sometimes with words and other times with pictures. The tales about heroes, gods and monsters that were told hundreds of years ago in Greece are called myths. People still enjoy these myths today.

One Greek myth is about a terrible monster named Medusa who had snakes growing out of her head. The silver and gold sculpture pictured here shows Medusa's face. Can you find the snakes? How would you describe Medusa?

Gazing into Medusa's eyes could turn a person into stone, so she was very dangerous to be around. People wanted her destroyed, and a man named Perseus promised to do just that. But first he had to figure out how to approach Medusa without looking at her for even a moment. Perseus's clever solution was to use his shield as a mirror so that he could see Medusa without looking at her directly. What other ways might he have solved this problem?

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