Self-Guided Visit Activities

Pre-Visit Activities for the Center

Activities for Grades K-5
• basic questions for teaching
• treasure hunts
• worksheets exploring art concepts

Activities for Grades 6-8
• basic questions for teaching
• worksheets exploring portraiture

Activities for Grades 9-12
• basic questions for teaching
• worksheets exploring allegory in art

Architecture & Gardens of the Center

Post-Visit Activities for the Center

Create Your Own Gallery Lesson
Mix and match our worksheets to create your own experience. Includes tips about works of art in our collection and themes that work with them.

Self-Guided Visit Activities

Pre-Visit Orientation to the Villa

Teacher-Created Visit Activities
For grades K–12. Activities created by teachers who participated in the annual Villa Summer Institute, including in-gallery worksheets with pre- and post-visit activities for exploring the Villa.

Architecture & Gardens of the Villa
For grades K–12. In-gallery worksheets with pre- and post-visit activities, and a PowerPoint slideshow to orient your students.

My Getty Villa Travel Log
For grades K–5. Take your students on a journey into the ancient world. Six activities for students to practice writing about, observing, and drawing works of ancient art.

People and Stories in Greek and Roman Art
For grades 3–8. Six writing and drawing activities about ancient tales of heroes, monsters, gods, goddesses, athletes, and aristocrats.

Perfect Bodies and Ancient Ideals
For grades 6–12. Investigate examples of the human form in ancient art. Three activities focus on the canon of proportions, the contrapposto pose, and idealized vs. realistic representations.

Create Your Own Gallery Lesson
Tips for connecting with subjects you are already covering in your classroom using the collection of ancient art at the Getty Villa.

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