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Land of Myth: Homer's Odyssey™ is a tabletop role-playing game adventure in the tradition of the ancient Greek authors, playwrights, and artists who told the Homeric tales their own way. The game adds a new twist to the exploits of Odysseus, Greek hero of the Trojan War, whose journey home lasted ten long years.

Take on the roles of familiar and new Homeric characters as you join Odysseus’s son Telemachus in a search for his father and encounter some of the dangerous beings and iconic challenges the epic hero faced.

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  • The basics:

  • 4-6 players

  • 3-4 hours duration

  • Rules Light Version of Seven Thebes Ltd's
    Land of Myth: Age of Palaces

  • Download the gameplay materials:

  • Game Master's Guide

  • Player's Guide

This new game is the creation of Seven Thebes, a small team of passionate gamers who develop original, fun games on mythological and historical themes.

Although the game will feel most familiar to those who already know OGL-SRD5/Dungeons & Dragons 5th ed., intrepid lovers of Homer can catch up!

Take a quick look at the RPG characters (PDF), real and invented, and learn how to pronounce their names.

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