Escape to the past and explore true crime in antiquity during a free week-long online experience of the Getty Villa Museum's annual College Night. Discover murder, monsters, theft, forgery, curses, and more, from real life and mythology!

Tuesday, November 2 – Saturday, November 6, 2021 (PT)

True crime in ancient Rome

True Crime in Ancient Rome

Dive into true crime, Roman-style, in a keynote talk with the author of A Fatal Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (2021).


The True Crimes of Commodus

Explore with historian Ed Watts the life and death of this notorious Roman emperor who survived multiple assassination attempts. Then investigate other rotten rulers.

Artist sketching

The Art of Drawing a Criminal

Learn from artist Clarissa Shanahan how to draw a portrait. Then design your own most-wanted criminal, inspired by ancient faces - or your own lurid imagination.

Odyssey RPG logo

Odyssey Tabletop RPG

Outwit or fight malevolent beasts and beings from Homer's Odyssey who don't follow society's rules and want to kill (and maybe eat) you.

Trivia Galaxy

Trivia Galaxy

It’s Game Night! Join your peers for live trivia fun on topics of general knowledge, pop culture, and the ancient world. Compete for glory and prizes!


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