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The Getty Provenance Index®
The Getty Provenance Index®
Cumulative Edition on CD-ROM, 1999 Release
Research Institute Staff

Getty Research Institute
ISBN 978-0-89236-418-3
Institutions, $900.00  Order
ISBN 978-0-89236-418-3
Individuals, $250.00  Order

"The Getty disc presents us with a world we have lost—treasures which clad the walls of 17th- & 18th-century palaces and mansions and which passed at speed through the early 19th-century salerooms, a heritage which was largely intact until war dispersed it. It is now recreated, by modern miracle, in a form unimaginable to those before us."
Daily Telegraph


The Getty Provenance Index is a series of six databases containing information crucial to the study of the collecting practices of past centuries. Two new databases are included in the 1999 release: Public Collections and Provenance of Paintings. Public Collections contains cataloguing information on the individual paintings, executed by artists born before 1900, from a selection of American and British museums. The Provenance of Paintings database comprises information on the provenance of paintings from American and British collections found in the Public Collections database.

These new databases join inventories of notable seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Italian, Spanish, and Dutch collections, as well as the contents of British (1801-1820), Belgian (1801-1820), German (1690-1800), Dutch and French (1801-1810) painting auctions of the nineteenth century. The search engine and interface for this CD-ROM are Y2K compliant.

This CD-ROM was produced by the Getty Provenance Index.

The Getty Provenance Index® (Institutions): $900.00   Order
The Getty Provenance Index® (Individuals): $250.00   Order