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The Aesthetics of Urban Places, Video
The Aesthetics of Urban Places, Video
A Conversation with Henry G. Cisneros, Secretary, Department of Housing and Urban Development
Conservation Institute Staff

Getty Conservation Institute
27 minutes
ISBN 978-0-89236-346-9
VHS format, color, Out of Print  


In this video, Henry Cisneros speaks with Jane Slate Siena of the Getty Conservation Institute about the role of the arts in urban revitalization and development. Secretary Cisneros describes his efforts to restore San Antonio while mayor of that city, and talks about his unique involvement with other cities in America since his 1993 appointment by President Clinton. The Secretary discusses historic preservation, the need for a human dimension in urban design, and his commitment to making art and culture an integral part of the public environment.

NTSC Standard (for use in North America, Japan and other parts of Asia, and parts of South America).

Series: GCI Videotapes