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Tips for Teaching about Narrative Art

Listed below are some general questions that you may ask when looking at narrative art. Narrative works allow students to act as detectives and figure out what's happening in the pictures. Many images tell a specific story, be it a myth, a religious parable, or a well-known fable or tale. Others tell stories that may not be so obvious, leaving the viewer to use his or her own imagination to decipher them.

• What do you think is happening in the work of art?
• What do you see that makes you say that?
• Who do you think is the main character of this story?
• Do you recognize any of the characters? If so, how?
• What can we say about these characters?
• Describe the relationship between the different characters.
• Describe the setting.
• What time of day is it?
• What season is it?
• Where does this scene take place?
• What do you think happened ten minutes before this scene?
• What do you think will happen ten minutes later?

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