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Language through Art: An ESL Enrichment Curriculum
ESL Enrichment Curriculum

Welcome to the Language Through Art curriculum! We hope that you and your students find these lessons rewarding as you explore together how looking at and expressing ideas about art improve language skills.

• The lessons explore three themes:
   Looking at Portraits
   Looking at Landscapes
   Looking at Narrative Art

• We provide suggested artworks. You choose those that are best for your class.

• The lessons are easily adapted to the structure of your class. Teach the themes in a week, or over the course of a month. Times required for lessons are suggested.

• Teach the lessons in your classroom, or at the Getty Center. A pre-visit activity prepares your class for a visit to the Museum.

• We provide information about the artists and images here. If students ask questions you cannot answer, they can research the artists and their work at the library or on the Internet. It is important to let students know that our understanding of art and artists is an ongoing discovery in which we rarely have all the answers.

Staff from the Getty Museum's Education department wrote Language Through Art: An ESL Enrichment Curriculum in collaboration with Los Angeles-area ESL teachers from Evans Community Adult School, Puente Learning Center, Van Nuys Community Adult School, and Venice Community Adult School.

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