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Teachers and Parents!
The Devices of Wonder Web site explores the ancestors of modern cinema, cyborgs, and other optical devices. The Web site was created in conjunction with an exhibition, which presented the parlor games, natural wonders, moving image devices, and scientific instruments that have entertained and educated humans for more than four centuries.

The Web site allows visitors to experience some of these inventions first hand, offering a unique opportunity to operate objects that are too rare and fragile to be handled.

The objects are fun to play with, and they also teach us about our social, scientific, and visual history. Below are some ideas for how you can explore the exhibition themes with children.

After you visit the Devices of Wonder Web site, you can return here for some teaching ideas.

Android Clarinetist

Be sure to visit the Bookstore where you'll find paper reproductions of various objects. The exhibition catalogue also provides an in-depth study. Teachers can receive 10% off some items.

Visit the Reading Room on the Devices of Wonder Web site and get fact sheets about each object and an overview of the exhibition.

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