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Travel the world in search of art treasures! Compete against others or against yourself while you get to know works of art from the Getty Museum.

Whyville ( is an online world where kids can chat with other kids from all over the globe and earn a salary of "clams" by playing games. Use your clams to create your own face, build a house, and even start your own business. The games on Whyville are fun because they give you real-world problems to solve.


Whyville has been around since 1999 and most of the games are about scientific problems. But now the Getty has added games about art!


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Here are some more of the things you can do on Whyville:

Build a rocket launcher that will get the Space Shuttle to the Space Station safely.

Rescue aliens trapped on Earth by using the sun to locate them.

Help discover a cure for WhyPox, a contagious disease that has hit Whyville.

Play Chinese Checkers, Mancala, Tic-Tac-Toe and other games against real people.

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