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Non-Artists (ULAN facet)

Note: Records under "Non-Artists" comprise information, including personal names and biographies, required for cataloging art and architecture, but where the people are not artists who produced art or architecture. Included in this facet are important donors, patrons, rulers, sitters, art historians, and others whose names are required for indexing art works but who are themselves not artists. Although the occasional non-artist patron had always been included in ULAN, separating these records into a separate facet became necessary when ULAN was used to control values in CONA, which covers not just artists but also sitters and patrons.

Non-Artists (preferred,V)
Non-Artist (V)

undetermined (preferred)

facet (preferred)

Gender: not applicable

(ULAN facet) ..... [VP Preferred]

Additional Names:

Sources and Contributors:
Non-Artist ........ [VP]
........................  Getty Vocabulary Program rules
English .......... [VP]
.......... warranted by CCO rules (2006-)
.......... warranted by CDWA rules (1996-)
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