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Semantic View (JSONRDFN3/TurtleN-Triples)

ID: 300438415
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Record Type: guide term
<temporary alphabetical list: information forms> (information forms (objects), Information Forms (hierarchy name), Visual and Verbal Communication (hierarchy name))


temporary alphabetical list: information forms (preferred,C,U,English,UF,U,U)

Facet/Hierarchy Code:  V.VW

Hierarchical Position:

Hierarchy of Objects Facet
Objects Facet
Hierarchy of Visual and Verbal Communication (hierarchy name)
.... Visual and Verbal Communication (hierarchy name) (G)
Hierarchy of Information Forms (hierarchy name)
........ Information Forms (hierarchy name) (G)
Hierarchy of information forms (objects)
............ information forms (objects) (G)
Hierarchy of <temporary alphabetical list: information forms>
................ <temporary alphabetical list: information forms> (G)

Sources and Contributors:
Subject: .....  [VP]


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