III. Roman-Period Clay Lamps / Types from both Western and Eastern Provinces of the Roman Empire / Augustan and Imperial Lamps

Loeschcke type V = Bailey type C

The main difference from Loeschcke type IV is the shape of the volutes that decorate the nozzle. They are no longer double, with two knobs each, but simplified with only one knob. In fact, they end the shoulder that they prolong, hence their common name “shoulder-volutes.” In a first group the ogival nozzle is small, and the lamp has no handle. In a second group the nozzle is much bigger, and the lamp has a handle. Out of twenty-three items, fourteen have a given African place of manufacture or origin, seven an eastern one, and two are said by Schüller to come from Italy. Since they lack archaeological context information, the datings suggested follow those for the type in other publications.