II. Greek and Hellenistic Clay Lamps / Wheelmade Lamps

Howland type 22 B


Cat. 5 has a curved and decorated rim as in Howland type 22 A, from which it differs only by having a raised base instead of a concave bottom. Howland types 22 A and 22 B have a central tube and may have two opposite nozzles. The nozzle of cat. 5 is comparatively longer than usual in the type, and its wick-hole is proportionately smaller. According to Howland, these features are characteristic of late specimens of the type. The clay is Attic. Black glaze appears on the interior and exterior, except for the base and a neatly reserved circle around the rim. Type 22 B was popular during the Periclean period.

Banner image: Detail of cat. 5