III. Roman-Period Clay Lamps / Types from both Western and Eastern Provinces of the Roman Empire / Augustan and Imperial Lamps / Loeschcke type VIII / Lamps with round-tipped nozzle / Italic and African lamps

Bussière form D VII


This type has a wide basin, much larger than the average size of the standard form Bussière D II 1: 9.4 cm instead of 7 cm. The shoulder form can be Loeschcke VI b, VII b, or VIII b. The nozzle form varies.

Cat. 312 has white-greenish thick vitreous glaze, shoulder form Loeschcke VI b, and nozzle form Bus. 4e. Its discus is decorated with a myrtle wreath. Its narrow base is slightly raised and impressed by an illegible incuse workshop signature.

Cats. 313 and 314 have shoulder form Loeschcke VIII b and plain discus. Their base is marked off by one circular groove. Cat. 313 has an African workshop signature, EXOF/ICINA/LVCI, active in the second century A.D. Cat. 314 likewise shows an African workshop signature, LVCCEIO/RVM, active A.D. 175–225. LVCI signed two Algerian lamps of Bussière form D VII (Bussière 2000, p. 340, nos. 2878–79). Date: Second half of the second century A.D.

Banner image: Detail of cat. 313