III. Roman-Period Clay Lamps / Types from both Western and Eastern Provinces of the Roman Empire / Augustan and Imperial Lamps

Bailey type F


Lamps of this type are scarce and characterized by their deep body, deeply sunken flat-bottomed discus, steeply sloping walls, and broad-based single nozzle. It appears four times only in BM II. Bailey states having found only one published parallel. Since then two lamp catalogues have recorded one example each: Goethert-Polaschek 1985, no. 695, pl. 74; and Fitch and Goldman 1994, p. 184, no. 984, fig. 102. There are no examples in Deneauve 1969 or Bussière 2000. The date, according to Bailey, is the last years of the first century B.C. and the first third of the first century A.D.

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