III. Roman-Period Clay Lamps / Types from both Western and Eastern Provinces of the Roman Empire / Augustan and Imperial Lamps

Deneauve type V E


This form is a variant of Deneauve type V, itself corresponding to Loeschcke type V. This variant seems to be rare: it is absent in the typology of Bisi Ingrassia 1977 (lamps from Herculaneum), as well as in Pavolini’s typology of 1977 (lamps in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples). Apart from Deneauve’s lamp no. 637 (Deneauve 1969, pl. 14), we do not know any parallel to cat. 267. The two close parallels referred to by Deneauve (Perlzweig 1961, no. 80; and Menzel 1969, no. 244, fig. 20) both have a handle; moreover they do not have a V-shaped channel in front of the nozzle. This channel and the absence of a handle, which are characteristics of an early date in Loeschcke type I A, suggest for this variant a date at the very beginning of the Loeschcke type V production, ca. mid-first century A.D.

Banner image: Detail of cat. 267