II. Greek and Hellenistic Clay Lamps / Wheelmade Lamps

Bruneau’s Lampes dites Cnidiennes à entonnoir central group III (Cnidian lamps with central funnel)


Cat. 18 has a bottle-shaped body with a funnel-shaped collar on a narrow neck and a long tubular nozzle splayed at the end. It is wheelmade in a light red clay (with a reddish-brown slip) and not in the typical gray Cnidian clay such as, for example, Bailey’s Q 273 from Cnidus, or Bruneau’s no. 1957 from Delos, both decorated with the typical Cnidian molded slave masks and applied discs (see also cat. 17). Bailey reports many examples from Olynthos and in the Ptolemaic camp at Koroni. He dates the BM examples to the first half of the second century B.C. (Bailey BM I, p. 136). Both Bruneau 1965, with his example no. 1957 found at Delos, and Iconomu 1967, with a similar one found at Constanta, suggest a date from the second half of the second century to the first quarter of the first century B.C.

Banner image: Detail of cat. 18