II. Greek and Hellenistic Clay Lamps / Wheelmade Lamps

Howland type 25 A Prime


Cats. 10–12 have a globular body on a raised flat circular base, with a large filling-hole surrounded by a broad convex ring on cat. 10 and an inward-sloping wall marked off by a deep circular groove on cats. 11 and 12. Flat-topped nozzle with a rounded tip, slender and tapering on cat. 10, squatter and straight on cats. 11 and 12. Cat. 12 has a lug on its left side. Only cat. 10 is glazed on its upper part (plus a small patch of glaze on the nozzle underside). Howland dates his type 25 A Prime from the late second quarter of the fourth century B.C. to the second quarter of the third century.

Banner image: Detail of cat. 10