I am interested in researching Shulman photographs and projects. Where could I begin?

The Shulman photographs have been widely reproduced and many can be studied in published secondary sources. We recommend starting with the following resources in order to begin, or narrow down, your research with this selected bibliography.

I am preparing an article, book, or other project. How may I use Shulman photographs in my publication?

When requesting photographic reproductions and/or permission to publish, please supply as much information as possible about the image. If possible, include any references to sources in which the photographs have already been published.

The Research Library is not a commercial image provider and therefore requests are generally reviewed and researched in the order received. Although we attempt to fulfill all requests for reproductions in a timely manner, we regret that we are normally unable to accommodate rush requests because of the heavy demand for these images.

Requests for photographic services may take several weeks to complete. This estimate includes the time required to research and locate images within the archive, process contracts for publication rights, and provide photographic or digital duplication services. It does not include shipping time.

To request reproductions and permission to publish, please contact the Research Institute's office of Reproductions and Permissions.

How can I obtain reproductions of Shulman photographs for research or classroom use?

The Shulman photographs have been widely published. For individual or classroom study purposes, we recommend that you first consult the resources listed on the bibliography. Reproductions of images from the Julius Shulman photography archive found in these sources may be used for individual study and noncommercial, educational or classroom use, as defined by United States copyright laws.

If you are unable to locate images in secondary resources, you can search selected images on our website. If you are still unable to locate images and are interested in ordering reproductions for research, classroom, or other educational use, please contact the Research Institute's office of Reproductions and Permissions.

All requests for reproductions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

If you live in the Southern California area, we ask that you visit the Research Library in person to select images. The archive may be consulted by appointment; please contact the GRI to set one up.

To request permission to publish images from the Shulman photography archive in print, electronic, or other formats (including films and/or Web sites), please contact the Research Institute's office of Reproductions and Permissions.

Can I order reproductions of photographs to frame and hang on my wall?

We regret that we are unable to provide posters or other large reproductions. Limited series or signed reproductions are not available.

Fine art prints are still available at galleries throughout the United States. If you wish to see a list, you may search www.artnet.com (click on "Artists" and search for "Shulman").

Can I use Shulman's images for commercial purposes?

The Getty Research Institute has received a large number of requests for the Julius Shulman photography archive. Many of the requests are for commercial purposes other than publication. As a result, the J. Paul Getty Trust is currently reviewing our rights and reproductions policy for uses such as merchandising, public relations, and promotional materials. Therefore, we are not able to fulfill your request at this time.

How can I access photographs from the Shulman Photography Archive at the Research Library?

The Shulman archive is currently being organized and cataloged; therefore, some material may not be available. Boxes containing the photographs are housed in the Research Library and are available for review in the Special Collections Reading Room. They are available for on-site study only. Advanced reservations are required in order to locate the material you wish to see and to ensure a seat in the Special Collections Reading Room. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate walk-ins.

In order to access the Shulman photographs it is necessary to become a Research Library Stack Reader. The Reading Room is open by appointment Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Advance appointments are required. Requests for materials must be submitted before your scheduled appointment. Stack Readers may access special collections material during the Special Collections Reading Room hours. Stack Reader privileges are granted to all members of the scholarly and museum communities (e.g., university faculty, graduate students, curators) with proof of current institutional affiliation. Access will also be granted to independent researchers with specific projects or interests as warranted. See Access Policy and Privileges for complete details.

I believe that Shulman photographed my house, building, or school. How can I locate information or photographs?

We recommend reviewing any published resources in your area. Please review resources listed on the Shulman Bibliography. You may also Contact Library Reference by filling out the online form. Request that Reference staff review the original Shulman project index. When possible, please provide the name of the original architect, builder, or homeowner of the building and the location (city, state).

I believe that I own some Shulman photographs. Can you help me authenticate and appraise them?

Getty staff cannot offer authentication or evaluation services. Original Shulman prints from the Getty Research Institute collection may be examined in the Special Collections Reading Room by appointment. Please DO NOT bring any Julius Shulman photographs from personal collections to the Research Library.

Information regarding authentication and appraisal information is available.