Sacrae historiae / acta a Raphaele Vrbin. in Vaticanis xystis ad pictvrae miracvlvm expressa Nicolavs Chapron Gallvs a se delineata et incisa D.D.D. Romae MDCXXXXIX . . . [Gravures du Vatican]

This volume by the French engraver Nicolas Chaperon (1612–ca. 1656) comprises 52 etchings after frescoes executed by Raphael's workshop in the Vatican Logge. The suite, titled Sacrae historiae, was first issued as a bound volume in Rome in 1649.

The frontispiece—depicting Nicolas Chaperon seated next to the bust of Raphael—is followed by 52 etchings in rectangular or hexagonal shapes. Each print is inscribed in the lower margin with the initials of Raphael, a caption in calligraphy, and the etcher's initials: N.C.F.