Sketches by Sir George Hayter, 1816–1818

Consisting of leaves with affixed graphite, ink, and watercolor drawings, this album records the English painter and printmaker Sir George Hayter's (1792–1871) first visit to Italy, from 1816 to 1818. This Grand Tour album opens with a self-portrait of the artist, titled Contemplating the Idea of His Intended Tour 1816. There are views of England dating from early October 1816, when Hayter embarked on his trip, followed by views of Paris, Lyon, Turin, and Milan.

Sketches made in Rome include views of the Coliseum, the Villa Albani, the Villa Borghese, and the Villa Pamphili, and a number of drawings from 1817 record Hayter's travels throughout Italy—to Florence, Perugia, San Marino, Spoleto, Tuscany, and Vercelli. In addition, the album contains several drawings after Renaissance masters such as Michelangelo and Perugino.

Part of a portfolio titled Twelve Original Etchings by Sir George Hayter is also included in this collection.