Exposition universelle de Paris, 1867

This photographic album depicts 30 interior and exterior views of the exhibits, buildings, and grounds of the 1867 World's Fair held in Paris. This was the first exposition in which individual countries built their own national pavilions outside the main exhibition hall; several of these are documented in the album. Twenty-five of the photographs were taken by Auguste-Rosalie Bisson (1826–1900) and five were taken by Charles Louis Michelez (1817–ca. 1883)

The first photograph in the album, by Bisson, is a panoramic view of the exposition grounds, which appears to have been taken from above. Bisson's other photographs include exteriors of buildings; displays of beaux-arts such as crystal, paintings, porcelain, and statuary; and interior views of the "Galerie des machines" and "Histoire de travail" exhibition spaces. A photograph of the Russian pavilion includes men in various ethnic costumes. Another interior view shows the display of a Polish photographer, Maximilien Fajans of Warsaw, which depicts several examples of his portraits and landscapes.

Michelez was known for taking photographs of artworks, and three of his photographs in the album are of the Belgian, French, and Italian displays of paintings and statuary. Another photograph by Michelez shows a large group of guide-interpreters—and is one of the few in the album depicting people.