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April 2006

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Agitated Images: John Heartfield & German Photomontage, 1920–1938
through June 25
The Getty Center

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See John Heartfield's riveting photomontages and book covers in this new exhibition drawn from the special collections of the Research Library at the Getty Research Institute.

Heartfield fought fascism with art, combining photographs and text into cannily subversive political images. His innovative compositions and his protests against war, the far right, and the exploitation of workers are still powerful today.

Learn more about this exhibition.

Voice of Freedom / Heartfield
The Voice of Freedom in the German Night on Radio Wave 29.8 (detail), John Heartfield, 1937
© 2006 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn
Degas at the Getty
through June 11
The Getty Center
Miss Lala / Degas
Miss Lala at the Fernando Circus, Edgar Degas, 1879

Edgar Degas captured the human form with sensitivity and acute psychological insight. This exhibition brings together the Getty Museum's 14 drawings, paintings, and photographs by Degas to present a portrait of the artist as a master of media and an innovator anchored in the traditions of his craft.

Learn more about this exhibition.

Also on View at the Getty Center

The Medieval Bookshelf: From Romance to Astronomy (through April 9)
Courbet and the Modern Landscape (through May 14)
Robert Adams: Landscapes of Harmony and Dissonance (through May 28)
Carmontelle's Transparency: An 18th-Century Motion Picture (through June 18)
A Renaissance Cabinet Rediscovered (ongoing)

On View at the Getty Villa

Antiquity & Photography: Early Views of Ancient Mediterranean Sites (through May 1)
The Getty Villa Reimagined (through May 8)
Molten Color: Glassmaking in Antiquity (through July 24)

E V E N T  H I G H L I G H T S
L'Ensemble Pennetier (Gordon Getty Concert)
April 2, 2:00 p.m.
The Getty Center

Information, Reservations, & Tickets:
(310) 440-7300

Jean-Claude Pennetier has been a virtuoso of classical piano, as well as musical theater, children's opera, and contemporary music, for over 30 years. Now, in a performance complementing the exhibition Degas at the Getty, Pennetier unites with three equally accomplished musicians for an afternoon of piano and percussion works celebrating 19th-century France.

Tickets $20, seniors/students $15.

Learn more and hear a music sample.

L'Ensemble Pennetier
L'Ensemble Pennetier: toute en famille
Lectures on Courbet and the Modern Landscape
April 6, 7:00 p.m., and April 23, 4:00 p.m.
The Getty Center
Valley of the Loue / Courbet
Valley of the Loue, Possibly near Mouthier-Haute-Pierre, Gustave Courbet, late 1860s
Courtesy of Salander O'Reilly, New York, New York

Explore Gustave Courbet's revolutionary landscapes in the current exhibition Courbet and the Modern Landscape, then learn more with two free lectures by specialists in 19th-century French art.

How Landscape Means: Courbet and His Territory
On April 6, renowned art historian Linda Nochlin describes how Courbet used rocks, sky, and water to tell powerful stories.

Learn more and make reservations.

Performing Nature: Courbet's Revolutionary Landscape Painting
On April 23, exhibition co-curator Mary Morton explains how Courbet transformed landscape into an avant-garde genre.

Learn more and make reservations.

See all events related to Courbet and the Modern Landscape.

Reckless Behavior (video)
April 19, 7:30 p.m.
The Getty Center

Artists have been bad—and they've captured it on film. Experience the full range of recklessness-as-art in this program of videos featuring staged irresponsibility, risky public interventions, and dangerous stunts in the tradition of Chris Burden and Marina Abramovic.

The program features work by 14 artists, including newly commissioned works by Ryan Trecartin and Juneau/Projects and Joanne Jones.

Free; reservations required.

Please note that no one under the age of 18 will be admitted.

Learn more and make reservations.

A Family Finds Entertainment / Trecartin
Still from A Family Finds Entertainment, Ryan Trecartin, 2004
Recovering the Crescent City: The Future of New Orleans's Past (Conservation Matters lecture)
April 20, 7:00 p.m.
The Getty Center
New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina
A New Orleans church stands in ruins

Which way New Orleans? Join a panel of three experts for a discussion about Hurricane Katrina's effect on the city's architecture, museums, and cultural heritage and what the future holds for this unique American city.

Free; reservations required. Call (310) 440-7300 to make reservations.

Inside Out, Outside In: Landscape, Architecture, and the Getty Villa (lecture)
April 20, 8:00 p.m.
The Getty Villa

"Ours is an architecture of gardens" says Jorge Silvetti, one of the key creative forces behind the Getty Villa's redesign.

Join Wim de Wit, curator of the exhibition The Getty Villa Reimagined, to explore how Silvetti and his firm linked the Villa's inside and outside spaces and created a feeling of immersion in the landscape.

Free; reservations required.

Learn more and make reservations.

View of the Outdoor Theater / Machado and Silvetti
View of the Outdoor Theater from the Museum Entrance, Machado and Silvetti Associates, 1995
N E W   F R O M  G E T T Y   P U B L I C A T I O N S
Joy Lasts: On the Spiritual in Art

Getty Bookstore

Order by phone:
(800) 223-3431

Joy Lasts / Sister Wendy Beckett

Sister Wendy Beckett shares her insightful and deeply personal reactions to masterpieces of the J. Paul Getty Museum in Joy Lasts, an essay on spiritual art, religious art, and the difference between the two.

Learn why she finds El Greco's Christ on the Cross so compelling and why we must all be true to ourselves in our encounters with art.

Read an excerpt from this book.

Learn more and buy online.

Key to Rome

Journey through Rome with this gorgeous guidebook bursting with art, architecture, maps, and insider tips. Longtime residents Frederick and Vanessa Vreeland take you through the city in time and space, from the Colosseum of 80 A.D. to the hippest shops and nightclubs of today.

"Easily the handsomest and most useful guide to the city that likes to call itself eternal," says Gore Vidal.

Learn more and buy online.

Subscriber Special
Receive 10% off Joy Lasts and Key to Rome when you order online by April 30, 2006. Enter code 1142457636 at checkout.

Key to Rome
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The Getty Research Institute offers two lectures exploring the intersection of art, culture, and perception. Learn what really happened between Caesar and Cleopatra on April 5 or explore the new science of neuroaesthetics on April 11.

Reservations are also available beginning March 23 for a solo performance by Christopher O'Riley at the Getty Center on April 21 and for two courses at the Getty Villa: Drawing from Antiquity with Peter Zokosky on April 12 and Nineteenth-Century Photographic Techniques: A Closer Look with Luther Gerlach on April 19.

Plus, on April 30, a look at one very intriguing ancient sculpture.

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