Our Lord in the Attic: A Case Study


download Executive summary of GCI/ICN assessment report (2007) PDF, 154KB)

download GCI/ICN Climate assessment (2007) PDF, 1.7MB)

download GCI/ICN Condition assessment (2007) PDF, 2.5MB)

download Investigation into impacts of large number of visitors on the collection environment at Our Lord in the Attic (Museum Microclimates, The National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen 2007) (PDF, 325KB)

download Processed climate data 2005 (WinZip, 821KB)

download Processed climate data 2006 (WinZip, 480KB)

download Processed museum visitation numbers (1889-2006) Excel, 102KB)

download Processed daily museum visitation numbers (2005-2006) Excel, 31KB)

download Processed church and museum visitation numbers (1660-2006) Excel, 272KB)

A tutorial is offered here to be used at the teacher's discretion. It shows how raw excel data can be converted into a graph:

download Creating graphs from excel files (PPS, 1.9 MB)

Additional teaching resources

We would like to give you access to the GCI/CN 2006 assessment which gives our findings and initial recommendations to the museum (refer to the column on the right).

As mentioned before, much of the data in the case study is in a raw format. It is up to the teacher's discretion to make processed data available to the students. For this purpose, the processed data is made available on the right hand side. In addition we have made available the climate assessment and the condition assessment component of the GCI/ICN research, as well as a published joint article on visitor impact (Museum Microclimates, The National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen 2007). This article and the link to its online publication are included in the bibliographic resources on the case study web site.


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