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By David Myers, Stacie Nicole Smith, and May Shaer; 2010

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This case study, a collaborative project of the Getty Conservation Institute and the Jordanian Department of Antiquities, presents management of the archaeological site of Jarash, Jordan at a particular moment—between January and August 2007.

The publication has been designed as a didactic tool for use in academic programs, short courses, and workshops in heritage conservation, management, and planning. It is also relevant to educational and training programs in urban and regional planning, development studies, and dispute resolution.

It provides an opportunity for students and heritage professionals to learn about using a values-based process for decision making in heritage site management, including identifying stakeholders, eliciting their values and interests, writing a statement of significance, and considering stakeholder concerns in developing and selecting options for site conservation and management. It is also designed to provide an opportunity for learning about the application of consensus building strategies to heritage management.

The case study does not presume instructors or participants have any direct affiliation with or knowledge of the site of Jarash, or with the Kingdom of Jordan. It includes sufficient background information about the site and its context to complete the activities that it contains.

NOTE: A companion volume, Teaching Materials, is available to educators for download by registering online.

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Foreword, Preface, and Acknowledgments Pages i-x. (PDF, 11pp., 1.9MB)
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Introduction, Jarash in the Past and Today, The Management Context Pages 1-33. (PDF, 33pp., 4.4MB)
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Activities for Identifying & Dealing with Values and Stakeholders (Overview) Page 34. (PDF, 1p., 131KB)
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Activity 1: Identifying Values and Writing a Statement of Significance Pages 35-38. (PDF, 4pp., 221KB)
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Activity 2: Identifying Stakeholders and Their Values and Interests Pages 39-40. (PDF, 2pp., 168KB)
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Activity 3: Interviewing Stakeholders to Further Understand Their Interests and Positions Pages 41-42. (PDF, 2pp., 143KB)
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Activity 4: Developing Recommendations for a Site Management Plan Pages 43-58. (PDF, 16pp., 1.1MB)
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Appendixes, Glossary, References, and About the Authors. Pages 59-77. (PDF, 20pp., 676KB)
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Myers, David, Stacie Nicole Smith, and May Shaer. 2010. A Didactic Case Study of Jarash Archaeological Site, Jordan: Stakeholders and Heritage Values in Site Management. Los Angeles, CA; Amman, Jordan: Getty Conservation Institute; Dept. of Antiquities, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.