Research Report

Erica Avrami, Randall Mason, and Marta de la Torre; 2000

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The first part of this document, "Report on Research," provides a summary of the ideas and overarching themes that have emerged during the course of our research and meetings, in our ongoing discussions with colleagues at the Getty, elsewhere in the conservation field, in academia, and in literatures from other disciplines that bear on conservation. The second part of the document, " Exploratory Essays," is a compendium of papers on specific topics written by scholars who have participated in this research. These essays explore some core ideas in greater depth and provide different disciplinary perspectives on how broad social dynamics influence our understanding of cultural heritage conservation. The "Conclusions" synthesize some of these ideas and issues and propose topics for continued exploration. These topics, along with the summary and essays, are meant to provoke further research and creative thinking about the future of conservation.

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Avrami, Erica C., Randall Mason, and Marta De la Torre. 2000. Values and Heritage Conservation: Research Report. Los Angeles, CA: Getty Conservation Institute.