Carolina Castellanos, and Françoise Descamps
146 pages

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This document analyzes the experience at Joya de Cerén. It illustrates the flexibility of the method used and critically reflects on the limitations and challenges faced throughout implementation of the planning process. Through examination of lessons learned, the document highlights key matters to consider for implementing a sustainable and successful management planning effort.

Section 1 (PDF, 73pp., 4.9MB)
Preface; How to use this document; Introduction; "The Joya de Cerén planning process;" "The planning model: application and evolution at Joya de Cerén;" "Considerations regarding the planning process;" "Towards a heritage management approach."
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Section 2 (PDF, 73pp., 3MB)
Appendices; Glossary.
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Castellanos, Carolina, and Françoise Descamps. 2008. Conservation Management Planning: Putting Theory into Practice: The Case of Joya de Cerén, El Salvador. Los Angeles, CA: Getty Conservation Institute.