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Posted 8/06/03 by Karen, Los Angeles

I've been to see the exhibition, which was fantastic. Then I saw this Web site, which provides great memories and reminders of the art!

Posted 8/05/03 by Phyllis Turner, Ponca City, OK

Wow!! I participate in medieval reenactment and, besides being beautiful, these are invaluable for clothing ideas. Thanks.

Posted 8/02/03 by Saragrace Knauf, Buckeye, AZ

This is great! I wish the online tour could stay up forever...I could spend hours looking at it!

Posted 8/02/03 by Carol Brink, Monterey, CA

Wonderful Web site. I hope you do not remove it once the exhibition closes. It would be great if you could just keep adding more images from your collections.

This Web presentation will remain on for the foreseeable future. After the exhibition closes, you can access it through the Past Exhibitions page.

Posted 8/02/03 by Christine Griffin, Menlo Park, California

Thank you for such an amazing Web presentation.

I am amazed at the quality and engineering of this Web site. I am familiar with the 3-D moveable pictures for the Web, but the interface is exquisite and has not caused my computer to fail (as is so often the case). The illuminations are so invitingly lovely and well presented in this Internet format that I am considering a trip down to LA just for this event.

Posted 7/31/03 by K. Bloch, Fort Lee, New Jersey

Thank you for creating such an in-depth Web site. I am an art educator, and I plan to show your site to my students!

Posted 7/31/03 by Christine, New York

The best exhibition site on the Web! A wonderful way to share the work with viewers. The next best thing to being there.

Posted 7/30/03 by Bonnie Meltzer, Portland, Oregon

What a wonderful site. These fascinating objects are presented in an intelligent and interesting manner. This is exactly what the Web was invented for. I hope I can get down to see everything.

Posted 7/27/03 by Amber Grant, Los Angeles

The exhibition is timely. I am a student at LACES [Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies] studying European Society in the Renaissance. The Renaissance exhibition has brought life to this AP History course. I have much to share with my instructor and classmates. —Class of 2006

Posted 7/27/03 by Linda Schildkraut, New York City

Extraordinary! This is what computers should do and what art lovers have been waiting for. Thank you.



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