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September 14–December 5, 2004 at the Getty Center

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Gift to the Gods
Cup with a Boy
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Cup with a Boy Making an Offering, about 480 B.C.
Phorbeia in use. Detail from Cup with Youthful Athletes Training

The Greeks believed in many different gods. Boys and girls often gave gifts to the gods. This cup shows a boy standing in front of an altar. He holds a lyre and is about to give something special as a sacrifice.

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Hear what a lyre sounds like.
Detail: Cup with a Boy
Detail: making an offering
Gifts of the Dead
Vessel with a girl
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Vessel with a Girl, Her Brother, and a Pet Heron, 470–460 B.C.

Greek children also took part in funerals and visited family graves.

These two teenagers are preparing a basket of ribbons, wreaths, and oil pitchers to take to a grave. The boy holds a pomegranate—a symbol of Persephone, goddess of the underworld, where people go after death.

Detail: vessel with a girl
Detail: preparing a basket of offerings