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September 14–December 5, 2004 at the Getty Center

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Posted 10/28/04 by Jay, Los Angeles, CA
I think this Web site is amazing and very educational. It gives important information. If it could only have a bit more information on myth. Still, it is a cool Web site and my favorite part is the games section and playing knucklebones.

Posted 10/28/04 by Austin Visschedyk, Los Angeles, CA
I think this was a fantastic experience since we just read about Greek myths. I liked how I was able to put the cursor on the object in the image and how it told me what it was. I hope my class has a project like this again.

Posted 10/27/04 by Angel Felix, Sun Valley, CA
This exhibit is awesome! I took the exhibition tour and found it to be extremely informative. The tour really gave me an insider's look at life in ancient Greece. The sculptures, relief carvings, and artifacts were all great. The family interactive section with the wax tablets, instruments, and Greek alphabet was a great addition to the exhibit. The best part of the tour for me was being able to compare and contrast the lives of ancient Greek children with those of children living in the U.S. today.

Posted 10/20/04 by Jacques Guetta, Los Angeles, CA
Having studied the Greek mythology, I enjoyed so much coming to the museum and seeing with my eyes how the children in ancient Greece lived and surprised to notice that I do the same things as they did!!!! I loved the activities at the museum, especially playing with the knucklebones! At the first try I got a Venus throw!!! So when I went home I went on the Internet and tried to beat Herakles, but I never could. The exposition is well arranged, beautiful to watch, and easy to understand.

Posted 10/19/04 by Madison, Los Angles, CA
I think both the exhibit and the Web site are filled with information, almost too much to fit in my brain. I have learned so many stories about Greek myths that I am now teaching my mom instead of my mom teaching me.

Posted 10/19/04 by Joe, Los Angles, CA
I thought the Web site was really informational. You could spend all day there. It was really interesting especially how you could play knucklebones. I think it is a good Web site for kids of all ages. I wanna give a shout out to my teacher Mrs. Kelsey for having us look at this site.

Posted 10/19/04 by Malik Blades, Los Angeles, CA
I think this Web site was fun. Although the knucklebones was difficult. It was fun to see how the people in ancient Greece lived.

Posted 10/18/04 by Karen Solomon, Los Angeles, CA
I thought the exhibit was wonderful. They included many interesting facts. I loved playing knucklebones and listening to the people talking. It was a wonderful experience for me.:)

Posted 10/18/04 by Max, Los Angeles, Ca
This Web site is very interesting. The knucklebones game was hard. I didn't really understand how to play the game. But every thing else was really interesting. And as I heard it is different than the museum itself. But it gives enough information to learn about Coming of Age in Ancient Greece.

Posted 10/17/04 by Michael Mulay, in Los Angeles, CA
Learning all this info is hard because there is so much of it but it paid off. I learned that our lives today are almost the same. The musical instruments also relate to instruments we use today and the games are also very similar. The Web site was fun and so well designed that I was on it for three hours.

Girl Playing Knucklebones