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4. Appendices, continued






Appendix D: Contributors





How to Record Contributors



When to add a contributor
Brief and Full Names for contributors should be constructed in consultation with your supervisor. This will be done as a special project when the contributor makes its first submission to a Getty Vocabulary. If the contributor contributes to multiple Getty Vocabularies, their Brief and Full Names should be identical in all three databases.



Contributor ID
A unique numeric code referring to the contributor in a given Vocabulary database. The number can vary between AAT, ULAN, and TGN.



Brief Name
Brief appellation or initials by which the contributing institution is noted in TGN records. Choose initials, a truncated name, or an acronym that the contributing institution commonly uses to refer to itself.



Full Name
A full, official name for the contributing institution. For the Full Name, record the name commonly used by the contributing institution to refer to itself.


Last updated 28 March 2006
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