The Digital Image Defined
The Image
Networks, System Architecture, and Storeage
Why Digitize
Project Planning
Selecting Scanners
Image Capture
Selecting a Metadata Schema
Quality Control
Security Policies & Procedures
Long-Term Management & Preservation
Online Resources
Illustration Credits
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Introduction to Art Image Access

Online Resources


The following groups offer a wealth of resources on all aspects of digitizing cultural heritage collections.

AHDS: Arts and Humanities Data Service, <www.ahds.ac.uk>

CDL: California Digital Library, <www.cdlib.org>

CDP: Colorado Digitization Program, <www.cdpheritage.org>

CEDARS: Curl Exemplars in Digital ARchiveS, <www.leeds.ac.uk/cedars>

CHIN: Canadian Heritage Information Network, <www.chin.gc.ca>

CIDOC: International Committee for Documentation (a committee of ICOM), <icom.museum/internationals.html#cidoc>

CIMI: Consortium for the Interchange of Museum Information, <www.cimi.org>

CLIR: Council on Library and Information Resources, <www.clir.org>

CNI: Coalition for Networked Information, <www.cni.org>

DIMTI: Digital Imaging & Media Technology Initiative, <images.library.uiuc.edu>

DLF: Digital Library Federation, <www.diglib.org>

ECHO: North Carolina Exploring Cultural Heritage Online,


HEDS: Higher Education Digitisation Service, <heds.herts.ac.uk>

ICOM: International Council of Museums, <icom.museum>

IFLA: International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, <www.ifla.org>

InterPARES: International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems, <www.interpares.org>

MCN: Museum Computer Network, <www.mcn.edu>

mda: formerly the Museum Documentation Association, <www.mda.org.uk>

NDLP: National Digital Library Program/American Memory, <lcweb2.loc.gov/ammem>

NZDL: New Zealand Digital Library Project, <www.nzdl.org>

OCLC: Online Computer Library Center, Inc., <www.oclc.org>

PADI: Preserving Access to Digital Information, <www.nla.gov.au/padi/>

SunSITE: Berkeley Digital Library Sun Software, Information and Technology Exchange, <sunsite.berkeley.edu>, Information Longevity <sunsite.berkeley.edu/Longevity>

TASI: Technical Advisory Service for Images, <www.tasi.ac.uk>

UKOLN: UK Office for Library and Information Networking, <www.ukoln.ac.uk>

VADS: Visual Arts Data Service, <vads.ahds.ac.uk>

VRA: Visual Resources Association, <www.vraweb.org>

WAI: Web Accessibility Initiative, <www.w3.org/WAI>


Journals, Magazines, and Newsletters

Ariadne, <www.ariadne.ac.uk>

D-Lib Magazine, <www.dlib.org>

eCulture, <www.cordis.lu/ist/ka3/digicult/newsletter.htm>

First Monday, <www.firstmonday.dk>

RLG DigiNews, <www.rlg.org/preserv/diginews/>

[All URLs accessed January 10, 2003.]