Volume 2  (OPA 10)

Studia Varia from the J. Paul Getty Museum: Volume 2 (OPA 10)


200 pages

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This is the second volume in a series on wide-ranging topics relating to objects in the antiquities collection of the Getty Museum. It consists of seven articles in English, German, and Italian, chronologically ranging from Pier Giovanni Guzzo’s presentation of two early sixth-century-B.C. silver cups to a technical analysis by Maya Elston and Jeffery Maish of a rare late-antique wooden sarcophagus from Egypt. Despoina Tsiafakis discusses a South Italian bronze askos in the shape of a siren, and Gina Salapata analyzes a pair of South Italian terra-cotta arulae. As a companion text to his publication of an important jewelry assemblage in Greek Gold from Hellenistic Egypt, Michael Pfrommer presents an in-depth scholarly interpretation of the jewelry. Janet Burnett Grossman has compiled a catalogue of portraits of Alexander the Great in various media from the Getty Museum; and two life-size bronze portraits of delicate, thought to be from the Gaul, are the topic of John Pollini’s detailed discussion.

Table of Contents

  • Coppe ioniche in argento
    Pier Giovanni Guzzo
  • Life and Death at the Hands of a Siren
    Despoina Tsiafakis
  • Τριφιλητος Αδωνις:
    An Exceptional Pair of Terra-cotta Arulae from South Italy
    Gina Salapata
  • Images of Alexander the Great in the Getty Museum
    Janet Burnett Grossman
  • Hellenistisches Gold und Ptolemäische Herrscher
    Michael Pfrommer
  • Two Bronze Portrait Busts of Slave Boys from a Shrine of Cobannus in Gaul
    John Pollini
  • Technical Investigation of a Painted Romano-Egyptian Sarcophagus form the Fourth Century A.D.
    Maya Elston and Jeffrey Maish