Archaeometry of Pre-Columbian Sites and Artifacts

David A. Scott and Pieter Meyers, Editors


436 pages

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Based on the 28th International Archaeometry Symposium jointly sponsored by the University of California, Los Angeles, and the Getty Conservation Institute held in Los Angeles in 1992, this volume offers a rare opportunity to survey under a single cover a wide range of investigations concerning pre-Columbian materials. Twenty chapters detail research in five principal areas: anthropology and materials science; ceramics; stone and obsidian; metals; and archaeological sites and dating.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Anthropology and Materials Science
    • The Materials Science of Material Culture: Examples from the Andean Past
      Heather Lechtman
    • Ceramics
    • Pre-Columbian Pottery: Research in the Maya Region
      Ronald L. Bishop
    • Kiln Firing at Batán Grande: Today and in Formative Times
      Ursel Wagner, Rupert Gebhard, Enver Murad, Josef Riederer, Izumi Shimada, and Fritz Wagner
    • Ceramics Among the Hohokam: Modeling Social Organization and Exchange
      David R. Abbot and David M. Schaller
    • Stone and Obsidian
    • New World Obsidian: Recent Investigations
      Michael D. Glascock
    • Obsidian Artifacts from Oaxaca, Mexico: Source Identification and Hydration Dating
      J. Michael Elam, Michael D. Glascock, and Hector Neff
    • Obsidian from Pueblo Grande, Arizona: Modeling Social and Economic Patterns in Lithic Procurement
      Jane Peterson, Douglas R. Mitchell, and M. Steven Shackley
    • Beads from Sipan: A Functional Analysis
      Leonard Gorelick and John Gwinnett
  • Metals
    • Silver and Lead in the Late Prehistory of the Mantaro Valley, Peru
      Ellen G. Howe and Ulrich Petersen
    • Pre-Hispanic Copper Alloy Production at Batán Grande, Peru: Interpretation of the Analytical Data for Ore Samples
      J. F. Merkel, I. Shimada, C. P. Swann, and R. Doonan
    • Native Copper Technology and Society in Eastern North America
      S. Terry Childs
    • Chemical Seriation of Northeastern North American Archaeological Sites Using Copper Artifacts
      R. G. V. Hancock, L. A. Pavlish, R. M. Farquhar, P.J. Julig, and W. A. Fox
    • Pre-Columbian Gold Processing at Putushio, South Ecuador: The Archaeometallurgical Evidence
      Thilo Rehren and Mathilde Temme
    • Pre-Hispanic Platinum Alloys: Their Composition and Use in Ecuador and Colombia
      David A. Scott and Warwick Bray
    • Pre-Hispanic Goldwork from the Museo de America, Madrid: A New Set of Analyses
      Salvador Rovira
  • Archaeological Sites and Dating
    • A Methodology for the Study of Buried Archaeological Sites
      Luis Barba
    • Exceptional Molecular Preservation in the Fossil Record: The Archaeological, Conservation, and Scientific Challenge
      Noreen Tuross and Marilyn L. Fogel
    • Stratigraphic Dating and Cultural Sequences of Pre-Hispanic Northern South America
      Thomas van der Hammen
    • Coloration in Etowah Textiles from Burial No 57
      Lucy R. Sibley and Kathryn A. Jakes
    • Radiocarbon Dates of Teponaztlis from Mexico
      Reiner Protsch von Zieten and Rainer Berger