An Introduction, 2nd Edition

Early Cycladic Sculpture: An Introduction, 2nd Edition

Pat Getz-Preziosi


100 pages

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First published in 1985, this ground-breaking book surveys the development of Cycladic sculpture produced by unidentified artists who worked in the Aegean islands forty-five hundred years ago. Illustrated with numerous objects from American collections—with particular emphasis on some two dozen pieces in the Getty Museum—this volume surveys the typological development of Early Cycladic sculpture and identifies, where possible, the work of individual sculptors. Newly revised and updated, this book is a concise introduction to the field.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Preface to the First Edition
  • Introduction
  • Color Plates
  • The Stone Vases
  • The Figurative Sculpture
  • The Formulaic Tradition
  • The Individual Sculptor
  • The Karlsruhe/Woodner Master
  • The Goulandris Master
  • The Ashmolean Master
  • The Distribution of the Figures
  • Beyond the Cyclades
  • Major Collections of Early Cycladic Sculpture
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Photo Credits

About the Authors

Pat Getz-Preziosi is the author of Sculptors of the Cyclades: Individual and Tradition in the Third Millennium B.C. (1987) and Early Cycladic Art in North American Collections (1987).