Catalogue of the Collections of the J. Paul Getty Museum


Ancient Gems and Finger Rings: Catalogue of the Collections of the J. Paul Getty Museum

Jeffrey Spier


200 pages

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Ancient Gems and Finger Rings catalogues the J. Paul Getty Museum’s comprehensive and important collection of Greek, Roman, Etruscan, and Near Eastern gems. Most of these objects have never before been published, making this catalogue essential for the scholar. The volume is fully and richly illustrated—each entry includes photographs of the gem and its impression as well as a profile drawing. Where pertinent, bibliographic references and comparative material are cited.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
    John Walsh
  • Acknowledgments
  • Abbreviations
  • Catalogue
    • Guide To The Catalogue Descriptions
    • Shapes
    • Materials
    • Plates
    • Greek Gems
    • Minoan and Mycenaean Gems
    • Geometric and Archaic Gems
    • Classical and Hellenistic Gems: Fifth–Second Century BC
    • Glass Scaraboids
    • Greek Rings
    • Archaic Rings
    • Classical and Hellenistic Rings
    • Western Rings
    • Decorative Rings
    • Bronze and Iron Rings
    • Ptolemaic Rings
    • Near Eastern and Phoenician Seals
    • The Lyre-Player Group Seals
    • Syro-Phoenician Seals
    • Graeco-Phoenician Scarabs
    • Graeco-Persian Gems
    • Achaemenid Glass Conoids, Scaraboids, and Tabloids
    • Achaemenid Rings
    • Etruscan Scarabs
    • Italic, Late Hellenistic, and Roman Gems
    • Italic Gems: Third–First Century BC
    • Italic Pellet-Style Gems: First Century BC
    • Italic Gems without Pellets
    • Late Hellenistic, Eastern Gems
    • Early Imperial Classicizing Gems
    • Second–Third Century AD Gems
    • Roman Rings
    • Glass Gems
    • Roman Cameos
    • Sasanian Gems
    • Greek and Roman Sealings
  • Subject Index
  • Materials Index
  • Inscriptions Index
  • Provenance Index
  • Previous Collections Index
  • Other Ancient Gems and Rings in the Getty Museum
  • Concordance of Accession Numbers and Catalogue Numbers

About the Authors

Jeffrey Spier is an Honorary Research Fellow at University College, London in the Institute of Archeology. He is also a lecturer in Greek Numismatics.